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  1. Olympic Games

    ILO, Tokyo 2020 sign agreement to promote decent work in run-up to the Games

    26 April 2018

    The International Labour Organization and Tokyo 2020 sign an agreement to promote socially responsible labour practices in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Japanese capital.

  2. Press release

    Japan to support youth employment to build stability and peace in The Gambia

    23 March 2018

    New project will support jobs for youth through infrastructure works with local resources, skills training and entrepreneurship promotion, with a strong focus on returnees and women.

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    Partnering in Asia

    Promoting responsible supply chains in Asia

    22 March 2018

    A new joint action by the European Union, the ILO and the OECD on responsible supply chains will promote corporate social responsibility (CSR)/responsible business conduct (RBC) with regard to decent work, environmental sustainability and respect for human rights.

  4. ILO Office for Japan Future of Work Interview Series #5

    Voices: Workers in Non-standard Employment

    13 March 2018

  5. Event

    ILO seminar on labour dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility

  6. News

    Presentation on “the SDGs and the ILO” at the 25th One World Festival in Osaka

    26 February 2018

  7. Future of Work Interview Series #4

    “Renewable Energy, Local Revitalization and Green Jobs”: Interview with Professor Makoto Nishikido, Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University

    02 February 2018

  8. Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators

    Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union: Contributing to job creation and local community development through associated work

    28 November 2017

    "Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators" is a series of interviews with cooperative leaders from around the world with whom ILO officials have crossed paths during the course of their work with cooperatives. For this issue ILO interviewed Mr Osamu Nakano, a board member and Chief of International Relation Unit of Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU).

  9. Event

    ILO Seminar: Child Labour Now & Achieving SDGs (12/7)

    ~What Action Can We Take?

  10. News

    Interview Article with Professor Atsushi Seike, a Member of the ILO’s Global Commission on the Future of Work

    13 November 2017