Message by Ms. Akiko Taguchi, Director, ILO Office for Japan

Launch of the Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA)

News | 18 May 2018

Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA) was launched on April 1st, 2018.  Collaborations among 17 Japanese Co-operatives have been undertaken through the Japan Joint Committee of Co-operatives (JJC).  In order to further promote those collaborations, the JJC was reorganized into the Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA).  ILO and JCA will further collaborate with each other to co-organize a Study Tour Programme for African Cooperative leaders and other events. 

Congratulatory Message on the Japan Co-operative Alliance Inauguration by Ms. Akiko Taguchi, Director, ILO Office for Japan

On behalf of the ILO and its Office for Japan,I would like to convey my sincere congratulations on the inauguration of the Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA).

Today,although the global economic perspectives are turning positive,decent work deficits remain widespread,and persistent poverty and inequality still continue. In addition,the world of work is undergoing major changes because of numerous emerging forces such as rapid technological innovations,drastic demographic changes,growing impact of climate change and accelerating globalization,to name a few.

Since its creation in 1919,the ILO has recognized the relevance of cooperatives as people-centred,principles driven,member owned in pursuing its mandate to achieve social justice and full employment. Facing the recent challenges and changes,in close collaboration with various partners including cooperatives,the ILO is tackling seven centennial initiatives such as "Future of Work" to mark its 100-year anniversary in 2019. In this process,the ILO is indeed rediscovering the importance and potential of cooperatives as a viable alternative to complement and support existing business model toward achieving "Decent Work for All" which is the critical component of Goal8 of SDGs as well as realising social inclusion.

Through the joint ILO-JCCU African Cooperative Leaders Study Tour Programme,ILO has been collaborating broadly with various players of the Japanese cooperative movement since 2010,and it will be our great pleasure and honour to also work closely with the newly established JCA.
We look forward to cooperating with JCA to realise social justice,decent work for all as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for many years to come.

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