The 29th International Symposium on Labour Issues – Employment Issues and Challenges in Global Supply Chains (10/4)

The 29th International Symposium on Labour Issues – Employment Issues and Challenges in Global Supply Chains

Co-organized by ILO Office for Japan and the Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University


Towards the ILO’s centenary anniversary in 2019, ILO has called for a global debate on the future of work.  For the 2016 symposium, we chose ‘decent work in global supply chains’ as a discussion theme, which was the fourth agenda in the ILO Conference in June and is closely linked to the future of work.

In the programme of Part I, overall discussion points and what was presented from Japan at the ILO Conference in June was reported from the respective viewpoints of government, worker and employer representatives.

In Part II, two experts introduced labour issues in global supply chains currently facing Japanese employers and workers and discussed on how the cross-border production activities and employment relations affect to Japanese corporations and labour issues?  

  • Date & Time: Tue. 4th October 2016    14:00-17:10
  • Venue: Hosei University Ichigaya Campus  Boissonade Tower 26F (Sky Hall) (2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku 102-8160)    Click here                   
  • Language: Japanese only
  • Programme:

Report by government, worker and employer representatives regarding the report IV “Decent Work in global supply Chains” of the 105th International Labour Conference

-         Mr. Tomoaki Katsuda, Assistant Minister for International Affairs, Minister's Secretariat,

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

-         Mr. Takashi Suda, Executive Director, JTUC RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)

-         Mr. Hiroyuki Matsui, Co-Director, International Cooperation Bureau, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)


Lecture and panel discussion

-          “Report on Clothing Factories in Bangladesh – The issues of jobs and challenges facing enterprises”
by Ms. Hanako Nagata, Associate Professor Hanako Nagata of Ibaraki University College of Humanities

-          “Labour-related CSR and enhancement of competitiveness –  from a viewpoint of case study on electric industries in Vietnam”
by Prof. Kenta Goto of Kansai University, Faculty of Economics