Project information brochure on Global Jobs Pact Framework for Pacific Labour Governance & Migration

Provides information on the ILO project entitled Global Jobs Pact Framework for Labour Governance & Migration.

The 2009 International Labour Conference unanimously adopted a resolution Recovering from the Crisis: A Global Jobs Pact. The Pact identifies that respecting fundamental principles and rights at work, promoting gender equality and encouraging social dialogue are all critical to recovery and development. In February 2010, ILO Pacific member States adopted the Port Vila Statement on Decent Work and the Pacific Action Plan for Decent Work. This Plan applies the Global Jobs Pact to the Pacific with priorities including:

• Improving labour market governance, through labour law reform and capacity building to support implementation of International Labour Standards; and
• Stimulating employment growth by improving labour migration practices.

This project will contribute to these priorities in Kiribati, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.