Press Release

Solomon Islands National Employment Policy Seminar 2021

ILO in partnership with Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration are running a three-day workshop in Solomon Islands to support the design and formulation of the national employment policy (NEP) for inclusive structural transformation and environmental sustainability.

Press release | Honiara, Solomon Islands | 14 September 2021
This workshop is in response to the conclusions and recommendations of the rapid assessment on the impact of COVID 19 on employment and businesses in Solomon Islands.

The rapid assessment was designed based on the policy response framework developed by ILO for tackling the economic and social impact of the COVID 19 crisis, and was tailored to the Solomon Islands context.

The National Employment Policy development is in line with the rapid assessments recommendation 1: Stimulating Economy and Economic Activities, under section (v) Development of National Employment Policy to reflect the future of work.

To promote an inclusive, job-rich recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, Solomon Islands needs a bold and innovative employment-focused policy agenda. In this context, gender-responsive national employment policies will play an important role but will need to be adapted in terms of both existing policy frameworks and the formulation of new recovery strategies. The type of adaptation will also depend critically on the situation in the country. For example; current policy frameworks, fiscal space and institutional capacity.

The purpose of this seminar is to help constituents and other state administration bodies to understand the requirements for the development and implementation of a high-quality gender-responsive policy based on relevant information and analysis for review and adoption by the respective key authorities in the countries. The seminar will provide practical guidance for the formulation of employment policy framework structured by the current conditions related to COVID-19 crisis and national priorities.