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ILO supports the Cook Islands to launch an online employment services platform

The ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries is delighted to support the Cook Islands Ministry of Internal Affairs to launch a new online Employment Services platform to connect businesses with job seekers. This initiative targets people most affected by the impacts of COVID-19

News | 18 August 2020
Contact(s): rajbm@ilo.org
SUVA (ILO News) The Government of the Cook Islands has launched an online employment service platform - Anga’anga Tūkatau Employment Service https://www.employment.gov.ck as part of their economic relief strategy for COVID-19. The launch event was jointly hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Mark Brown and Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Vaine (Mac)Makiroa Mokoroa.
Registration desk at the launch event. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Mark Brown said "During these uncertain times, it is important Government provides targeted support services to individuals and families to sustain livelihoods and business continuity."

The free online platform makes it simple for businesses and job seekers to register and connect with each other over the coming months as the Cook Islands rebuilds their economy. The new platform is connected to an existing welfare system as well as the labour and consumer services databases and features a ‘Speak Up’ process section for businesses and job seekers that have concerns in their workplace.

The ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, Director, Mr. Matin Karimli, participated in the launch event through a video presentation, where he acknowledged the multi sectorial partnership and efforts by the ILO tripartite partners, UN Organisations, Development partners and donors. In his message, he emphasised the importance of working together to ensure that decent work is delivered with a human-centred approach to the future of work, targeting those most in need.

Mr. Karimli said “ For ILO, initiatives such as the Employment Services are at the core of sound strategies that should be designed to target those areas and population the most affected by COVID-19 as well as persistent natural disasters.” “The platform provides the means and shows the commitment of the Government of Cook Islands to provide the opportunities not only for Cook Islanders but for many others willing to work in the country.”

Hon. Minister Mokoroa said "We are pleased that this service has received tremendous support from our partners, it is because we all see the value in keeping our people engaged in the workforce". “I encourage any person looking for work or business looking for workers to register”.

Support from the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries is delivered within the framework of the joint UN Social Protection Project on “Strengthening of Pacific island states through universal social protection”.

In addition to this initiative, the ILO is working the tripartite partners in Cook Islands on:

  1. Completion of the labour Force Survey
  2. Designing of an effective dispute resolution system
  3. Undertaking ratification of the ILO convention on Social Protection
  4. Reviewing the Employment Relations Act
For more information, please contact:

Mr. Bimlesh Raj
Senior Programme Asst.
ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries
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