Resources from ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries

  1. More trainers to support disaster preparedness for enterprises in Vanuatu

    18 October 2021

    This training was supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under the UN Informal Economies Recovery Project.

  2. A voice for informal economy workers in Vanuatu

    18 October 2021

    The organizing activities by the Vanuatu National Workers Union (VNWU) and the Vanuatu Association of Public Service Employees (VAPSE) is complementary to ILO’s partnership with the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) to improve access to social security for informal sector workers in Vanuatu.

  3. First Informal Sector Trade Shows in Tonga a Success

    18 October 2021

    The ILO through the UN Informal Economies Recovery Project, continues to provide technical assistance to the Tonga Public Service Association (PSA) to organise the informal sector.

  4. Meet our partners - Sept/Oct UN Informal Economies Recovery Project e-newsletter feature

    18 October 2021

    Irene Olkeriil - President of the Palau Chamber of Commerce

  5. Jury Kebekol blends culture and business

    18 October 2021

    In this month’s Q&A, we caught up with the very talented Jury Kebekol, a traditional weaver from Palau. Jury is currently part of a cohort of cultural and creative workers receiving trade and business training through the UN Informal Economies Recovery Project.

  6. Tongan Minister of Trade and Economic Development Q&A feature for the Sept/Oct 2021 edition of the MPTF Informal Economies Recovery Project Monthly Newsletter

    18 October 2021

    Hon. Tatafu Toma Moeaki

  7. Designing His Future - Josaia Matewai – Entrepreneur’s Journey (FIJI)

    15 October 2021

    Josaia Matewai explains his role in the rapidly evolving visual arts sector in Fiji.

  8. Uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 presents an opportunity for Vanuatu entrepreneurs

    15 October 2021

    With COVID-19 still ravaging the Pacific, the UN Joint Informal Economies Recovery Project has arrived at the ideal time to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, community projects, youth and women's groups, innovative and creative solution developers, and others who are threatened by future uncertainties, finances, supply chains, and traditional social practices.

  9. Solomon Islands committed to developing a gender-responsive National Employment Policy

    16 September 2021

    The ILO in partnership with the Government of Solomon Islands has completed a virtual seminar in Solomon Islands to support the design and formulation of the national employment policy (NEP) for inclusive structural transformation and environmental sustainability which took place from the 14 – 16 September 2021.

  10. Opening remarks for the Solomon Islands National Employment Policy Development Seminar

    14 September 2021

    Director ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, Mr. Matin Karimli