Events, meetings and trainings

The ILO organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events, throughout the Pacific. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link, or by contacting the CO-Suva.

April 2012

  1. World Day for Occupational Safety and Health - Promoting safety and health in a green economy

    28 April 2012

    On 28 April 2012, the ILO Country Office for South Pacific Island Countries (CO-Suva) observes World Day for Occupational Safety and Health.

March 2012

  1. International Women's Day 2012

    8 March 2012

    Each year on 8 March, ILO celebrates International Women’s Day with an event honouring women of courage and conviction, from different aspects of the world of work

February 2012

  1. Social Protection Floor Initiatives in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

    29 February 2012

    Recent investigations confirm that both Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands are making progress in terms of access to, and delivery of, basic health and education services.

January 2012

  1. Fiji Police Officers trained on child labour issues

    26 - 27 January 2012

    Preventing the abuse and exploitation of children in Fiji is a priority for the Ministry of Labour.

December 2011

  1. Fiji Commerce and Employers' Federation (FCEF) launches its Employment Relations Service & Guide to Industrial Relations in Fiji

    13 December 2011

    The Fiji Commerce and Employers’ Federation (FCEF) in partnership with the ILO’s Employers’ Bureau, ACT/EMP, launched its Employment Relations Service on the 13th Dec 2011.

  2. Emerging Pacific Women’s Leadership Program

    9 December 2011

    The profile of ILO’s work on promoting gender equality in the workplace being raised significantly, and to the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries being invited to make a presentation at a Emerging Pacific Women’s Leadership Program workshop hosted by Vital Voices Global Partnership

  3. Promoting Decent Work for People with Disabilities in Fiji

    5 December 2011

    ILO contributed assistance to the Fiji National Committee for Disabled Persons (FNCDP) to organize a National Stakeholders information sharing meeting for promoting Decent Work for people with disabilities

  4. Pacific unions call for faster progress on the implementation of core conventions

    5 - 7 December 2011

    Getting the most out of the Decent Work Country Programme was a key theme of the ILO Pacific Trade Union Workshop on International Labour Standards and Capacity Building held in Auckland, New Zealand, December 2011

November 2011

  1. Labour Statistics and Labour Market Information and Analysis in the Pacific -Technical Training Course-

    28 November - 2 December 2011

    ILO will undertake a technical training course on Labour Statistics and LMIA in the Pacific with an important SPC technical contribution, on behalf of the principal producers and users of labour statistics.

  2. Labour Law Review Conference Papua New Guinea

    14 - 17 November 2011

    The review conference included discussions on policy priorities by partners, workers and employers to gauge views and opinions as the starting point of reforming the Employment Act

August 2011

  1. REMINDER: Reports on ratified Conventions due by 1 September 2011

    18 August - 1 September 2011

    Periodic reports on ratified Conventions are due to be submitted to the ILO by 1 September 2011.

July 2011

  1. Papua New Guinea National Child Labour Forum

    26 - 28 July 2011

    The forum aimed to foster mutual understanding and consensus, develop partnership and collaboration and identify key players in establishing one Strategic Child Labour Action Framework

June 2011

  1. National Tripartite Workshop to Develop of the National OSH Programme and to Promote the Ratification the ILO Convention No. 187 (2006)

    9 June 2011

    The purposes of the workshop were: 1) to promote tripartite cooperation and consultation; 2) to analyze current OSH status and identify priority OSH areas for action; 3) to discuss the steps in developing National OSH programme and taskforce setting; and 4) to promote the ratification and promotion of ILO Promotional Framework for OSH Convention (C187).

  2. ILO/JICA Waste Management Follow-up Review Meeting in Lautoka, Fiji

    6 - 9 June 2011

    A follow-up review meeting on the progress of occupational safety and health interventions in waste collection in the Lautoka city council, Fiji.

  3. ILO/JICA Waste Management Workshop in Papua New Guinea

    1 - 3 June 2011

    ILO is collaborating with JICA to provide occupational safety and health interventions to garbage workers that are keeping the city of Port Moresby clean.

April 2011

  1. World Day for Occupational Safety and Health

    28 April 2011

    On 28 April 2011, the ILO Country Office for South Pacific Island Countries (CO-Suva) observed World Day for Occupational Safety and Health.

February 2011

  1. ACTRAV- IPEC Sub-Regional Workshop for Worker's Organizations on Social Dialogue and Child Labour – South Pacific

    7 - 9 February 2011

    To share and consolidate the accumulated knowledge, and to strengthen the role of workers organizations in the fight against child labour.

November 2010

  1. Public Lecture & Panel Discussion on LMIA in the Asia Pacific Region

    19 November 2010

    The ILO in conjunction with the University of the South Pacific (USP) organized a public lecture & panel discussion on labour market information and analysis in the Pacific through regional partnership and capacity building. The speakers were from USP, ILO, social partners and the relevant government ministries.

  2. LMIA Mission - Strengthening Labour Market Information and Analysis in the Pacific through Regional Partnership and Capacity Building

    15 - 26 November 2010

    A joint mission aims to strengthen the need assessment and to mobilise resources with partners (i.e. SPC, PIFS, UNESCAP, World Bank, Australia & New Zealand) in support of LMIA in the Pacific.

  3. International Labour Standards, the ILO Supervisory System and Reporting Obligations Workshop

    1 November 2010

    The ILO Country Office for South Pacific Island Countries hosted a one day workshop on International Labour Standards, the ILO Supervisory System and Reporting Obligations.