National workshop on coping with disruptions in the global supply chain to reduce impact on youth employment in Samoa

The ILO has been providing technical assistance to Yazaki EDS Management and national implementing partners to strengthen employment and social protection services in Samoa to support redundant Yazaki workers secure employment.

This project has been guided by the Samoa National Tripartite Forum (SNTF) chaired by Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour (MCIL). Yazaki , a multinational enterprise (MNE) and largest private sector employer in Samoa ceased operations in August 2017. The largest private employer in the country contributing to approximately 60% of export earnings, the Samoa National Employment Policy (NEP) and recently signed Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), highlighted concerns on its impact on the economy and labour market.

An initial assessment conducted by the ILO with the support of senior Yazaki officials in February 2017, highlighted the following:
  1. Approximately 60% of workforce were youth;
  2. Approximately 62% of workforce were women;
  3. Approximately 50% of workers were sole income earners in their families;
  4. Approximately 90% have below tertiary level qualifications making the transition to anther formal employment difficult;
  5. loss of U$1,040million per annum in personal income, circulation in economy;
  6. reduction in provident fund membership and contributions by U$206,000 per annum. 

The objectives of the workshop are:
  • Present the impact of the closure of Yazaki on the labour market;
  • Take stock of lessons and best practices from the ILO project including the national implementing partner’s action programmes.
  • Discuss and identify next steps to be presented to the SNTF and One UN Youth Employment Programme for scaling-up of this initiative.