ILO participates in the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting, Port Moresby PNG

The Commonwealth Youth Programmes brought in ministers and their delegations from the 54 Commonwealth countries. It was divided into three separated by inter-linked events: The Youth Leaders Forum; the Youth Stakeholders Forum; and The Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting .

ILO representatives moderated a session on the Pacific Development Youth Framework (PDYF) . Discussions on the PYDF focused on the rationale behind such initiative, and concluded that it was well founded and promoted inter agency cooperation and sought to address key challenges faced by young people in the 22 Pacific countries, as depicted in the four pillars on Youth Employment, Health, Governance and the Environment. The Pacific Youth Employment Strategy, which the ILO has taken the lead in its development, would naturally tie in the PYDF. ILO proposed a framework for action focusing on the dissemination of good practices and practical experiences from the region and beyond; and that it develops a knowledge sharing platform supported by relevant materials to be made available to all 22 countries.