PNG National Child Labour Road Show

The Papua New Guinea Labour and Industrial Relations Department has organised a road show on behalf of the ILO.

THE International Labour Organisation (ILO) is planning a road show next month to help educate people on child labour issues.
The Labour and Industrial Relations Department is organising the road show on behalf of International Labour Organisation.
ILO national coordinator Richard Samuel told The National that the aim was to generate interest and create awareness on the impact of child labour.

He said they planned to get people’s response to the issue.
“The department wants to make it a major event that concerns all aspects of child labour,” he said.
Samuel said law enforcement agencies, non-government organisations, schools and industries would be part of the show.
“After gauging people’s views, there will be a national child labour forum where representatives from each region will present their reports,” he said.

Samuel said they were planning on having the ILO regional director as part of the forum.
“We are intending to establish a child labour unit within the department so any queries about child labour can go there,” he said about an official guideline to safeguard children.
Samuel also advised labour inspectors to be aware of child labour issues when conducting their inspections.
He said in 2011, labour inspectors established a child-labour form which they carried during their inspections of workplaces.
He said there were plans to establish a national child labour hazardous work list that would indicate places where children were not supposed to work.

Source: The National