Implementing Good Practice in Tripartite Labour Committees

The ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries is developing guidance for member countries to assist with the establishment and implementation of tripartite labour advisory committees.

This guide will assist governments, workers and employers implement good practice approaches to maximising the benefits of dialogue on labour and employment issues.

Cooperation between governments, employers’ organisations and workers’ organisations is central to the ILO’s work and for realising Decent Work at a national level. Dialogue between governments, workers and employer promotes consensus building and democratic involvement in the world of work. This is also sometimes referred to as social dialogue. Social dialogue can mean negotiation, consultation or simply an exchange of information and views between representatives of employers, workers and governments.
A number of countries have established committees representing the government, workers and employers to discuss labour issues as well as broader issues of economic and social significance to workers and employers. Sometimes these committees are informal, but often they are specifically mandated in labour legislation.

Examples of committees that already exist in the Pacific region are:
  • Labour Advisory Board (Solomon Islands)
  • Tripartite Labour Advisory Council (Vanuatu)
  • National Tripartite Consultative Council (Papua New Guinea)
  • Decent Work Agenda Steering Committee (Kiribati)
  • Samoa National Tripartite Forum (Samoa)
This guide will be initially piloted with a two day training workshop in Vanuatu during early 2013.