Occupational Safety and Health Inspection - Papua New Guinea

The ILO is organizing this workshop to expose OSH inspectors in PNG to the international experience, best practices and guidelines for the inspection of the OSH.

The workshop will allow participants to analyze, benchmark and discuss these experiences and interchange their point of views in order to improve their competences as inspectors.

At the end of the training programme, participants will be able to:
• Describe the main guidelines of the ILO regarding the OSH inspection of the occupational safety and health (OSH).
• Describe the fundamentals and principles of OSH as well as selected strategies to promote compliance with the OSH legislation.
• Explain the key points to plan, prepare, conduct, follow-up and report an OSH inspection visit.
• Identify the main OSH hazards and risks as well as the control measures.
• Transfer knowledge on OSH management practices and control measures to the enterprises.