Fiji National Child Labour Forum

The Forum will serve as a platform to finalize the National Action Plan (NAP)to eliminate the worst forms of Child Labour including trafficking

A major objective of the 2012 National Child Labour Forum is to finalise the National Action Plan (NAP) drafted during the training workshop on formulating a NAP to eliminate the WFCL including trafficking in May, 2012. The forum will also review actions the draft national matrix of child labour issues and agreed actions developed during the 1st Fiji National Child Labour Forum in 2008. This review will give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss progress against proposed actions, share lessons learnt and ensure these are factored into the NAP. Stakeholders involved in developing the matrix of actions to address child labour issues at the first child labour forum will form the majority of participants, supported by education specialists and technical resource persons. The Forum will be facilitated by Mr. Lionel Gibson in partnership with TACKLE Fiji.