Launch of the Pacific Growth and Employment Project

A two year programme under the umbrella of the Decent Work Agenda of the Australian - ILO Partnership Agreement

Unemployment and underemployment, particularly for young people,are great challenges in the Pacific. The Pacific Growth and Employment Project (the Project) is a two year programme that is intended to address these challenges by improving opportunities for sustainable and productive employment growth. It seeks to draw on the experience of Australian businesses with interests in Pacific island countries to develop strategies that prepare the indigenous youth for employment and create opportunities for the indigenous workforce.

The Project will also work with the peak and sectoral representatives of business, workers and government in the target countries to ensure they are equipped to implement and maintain the development strategies. In the first stage of the Project, pilot programmes will be conducted in the transport sector in Papua New Guinea, and the tourism sector in Vanuatu, for report by 30 June 2013, after which other countries and industries will considered.