Disability Workshop on Convention (No. 159) on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) for Pacific Island Governments

The ILO in partnership with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat are planning to hold a regional meeting on Convention 1983 (No. 159) on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disable Persons). This meeting is tentatively scheduled from 5th - 7th September 2012.

The ILO has a commitment towards advocating for the signing and ratification of ILO Convention 159 under Thematic Area 1: Strengthen Political Leadership and an enabling environment of the Pacific Regional Strategy on Disability (2011-2015). Of the eight ILO member countries in the Pacific, only Fiji has ratified C159.

This regional meeting on Disability will provide an opportunity for the other countries to consider signing and ratifying C159. It will include fourteen of PIFS member countries, which are inclusive of the eight members countries of the ILO in the Pacific.

One of the core objectives of the meeting is to promote decent work for disabled people through effective legislation and incorporation of the disability related employment policies in respective National Development Strategic Plans. The ILO will provide technical experts who will address the participants on the importance of ratifying Convention 159 and its implication in the Pacific to create better work opportunities for persons with disabilities.

For more information contact Mr. Iresh Lal, Programme Assistant, ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries.