World Day Against Child Labour June 12, 2012 Human rights and social justice... let's end child labour

This year the World Day Against Child Labour theme "Human rights and social justice... let's end child labour" provides a spotlight on the right of all children to be protected from child labour and from other violations of fundamental human rights.

Teacher Training & Advocacy Campaign Save the Children Fiji
14th-15th June (Labasa) / 28th -29th June (Sigatoka)

Save the Children Fund Fiji (SCF) is implementing an action programme supported by the TACKLE project, to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. This includes providing skills training programs, including life skills, family life education and HIV and AIDS with out of school and at risk children, conducting child labour awareness in schools, advocating for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour, and supporting the development of strategies such as school child protection policies and child labour monitoring systems. So far, SCF has assisted children in the worst forms of child labour and at risk through peer mentoring,counselling and education support. SCF is coordinating WDACL activities in collaboration with members of their ‘Kids Link’ through their Child Rights Programme. They will be focusing on creating awareness through radio and TV, and conducting teacher training workshops on child protection, with a focus on child labour. On June 8th, Save the Children will be conducting training with teachers in Dilkusha Methodist High School on child protection; on June 12th a 1- Hour Against Child Labour Session will be held with SCF staff; and on June 14-15, SCF will be assisting selected schools in Labasa to explore child protection issues, in particular child labour, and strategies to address these issues.
For details contact: Amita Prasad, Save the Children Fiji; Mobile: 9211774

WDACL SPORTS DAY Organiser: People’s Community Network
16th June 2012

The People’s Community Network (PCN) works in squatter and poorer settlements in order to empower people to identify and act on issues facing them. PCN is implementing an action programme supported by TACKLE to withdraw children from child labour, in particular hazardous child labour and provide them with education, counseling and peer mentoring support. The action programme also includes working with 12 informal/ squatter communities to promote awareness on child labour, establish community-based child labour monitoring systems, and improve community opportunities for creating sustainable livelihoods. So far, PCN has removed over 100 children from child labour. The children who have been withdrawn are receiving education either in the formal school system or through a non-formal education, literacy and numeracy skills programme that is currently being piloted.
The WDACL Sports Day is organized by the PCN to launch the week of action against child labour, and bring child labour issues to the forefront. Children engaged in the PCN programme, and also other children in the settlements will come together for a day of sports and other fun activities organized by the PCN and community committees. Each participating community will field a team for the Kaji rugby 7-a-side competition for under 14 children; and also for the volleyball competition for over 15 year olds. A bouncy castle and some other games will be organized to give the younger children and those not in the rugby/ volleyball an opportunity to participate. Rugby balls have been donated by the European Union and BSP for the games, as well as prizes. The WDACL Sports Day will be held from 9am to 4pm at the Corpus Christi playground in Nasese.
For details contact: Ahmed Ali, People’s Community Network; Mobile: 9947306

Poster and Oratory contest Organiser: Child Labour Unit, Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations (Fiji)
12th June 2012

The Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations (MOL) in Fiji has established a Child Labour Unit (CLU) with support from the TACKLE project, based at the MOL to implement actions and coordinate efforts to eliminate child labour in Fiji. The CLU was launched in 2011 to develop child labour inspection and monitoring systems, establish a centralized child labour database, conduct training for Labour Officers, government, social partners and communities and coordinate development of the Fiji Child Labour National Action Plan and Policy. The CLU has also raised awareness on child labour throughout Fiji.In the Central Division, the Ministry of Labour's Child Labour Unit is organising a poster and oratory competition for schools on WDACL June 12 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The programme starts at 10am at Studio Six in Suva and will involve students and teachers from participating schools, and invited guests from a cross-section of government agencies and civil society. Prizes for the oratory competition include USBs donated by the European Union. In the Western and Northern Divisions, roundtable forums on child labour have been organised with participating schools, to be facilitated by the labour officers who have been trained by the Child Labour Unit.
For details contact: Atish Kumar, Child Labour Unit;
Mobile: 9906369

For more information please contact:

Marie Fatiaki, National Programme Coordinator, Tackling Child Labour through Education (TACKLE)
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC); ILO, Office for Pacific island Countries,Suva;
email or Phone: 679-3313866