Papua New Guinea National Child Labour Forum

The forum aimed to foster mutual understanding and consensus, develop partnership and collaboration and identify key players in establishing one Strategic Child Labour Action Framework

The PNG National Child Labour Forum highlighted the importance of inter-agency partnerships at all levels, and close collaboration and coherence in the areas of child labour elimination, education strengthening, poverty reduction and youth employment. The objectives of the forum were:

To present the child labour research findings for PNG

To create awareness and understanding of child labour concepts and links between child labour and education

To share information on relevant legislative frameworks and strategies to combat child labour

To contribute to developing a National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Child Labour

The forum involved the sharing of experiences and knowledge amongst participants and focused on creating a practical understanding of child labour, as well as planning for actions to combat child labour that can be integrated into the work of various organisations. The forum also provide a platform for participants to build dialogue on child labour issues and identify national priorities to address child labour and draft a framework for a National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Child Labour.