ACTRAV- IPEC Sub-Regional Workshop for Worker's Organizations on Social Dialogue and Child Labour – South Pacific

To share and consolidate the accumulated knowledge, and to strengthen the role of workers organizations in the fight against child labour.

Through its technical cooperation programmes, the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) has contributed to strengthening trade union capacities to fight child labour. These efforts have focussed on helping unions develop relevant socio-economic policy responses to the problem of child labour and hence tackling its root causes. This is complemented by support to trade unions to engage in concrete actions and projects on child labour ranging from public awareness initiatives to the removal of children in conditions of child labour.

However, there is still a long way to go to capitalize on these experiences, to share and consolidate the accumulated knowledge, and to strengthen the role of workers’ organizations in the fight against child labour. Consequently ACTRAV and IPEC are committed to strengthen the capacities of trade unions in the fight against child labour. A strategic means to achieve this goal is through the training of trade union focal points.

In this context, IPEC and ACTRAV were pleased to hold this workshop activity for focal points of workers organizations.

Learning objectives:

The main objectives of this training activity are:

  • to train child labour focal points for national worker’ organizations;
  • to develop a global trade union network of child labour focal points;
  • to develop national action plans for the elimination of child labour;
  • to identify key issues for the elimination of child labour and to understand the central importance of workers’ organizations in this fight;
  • to facilitate the sharing of experiences and information; and
  • to develop strategies and approaches that leverage and expand the role of workers’ organizations in combating child labour.

Structure and content of the training

The training course will cover the following main areas:

  • general introduction to child labour and ILO actions towards its elimination;
  • overview of the role of worker’s organizations in the fight against child labour;
  • identification of emerging good practices;
  • key challenges in building organizational capacity to combat child labour;
  • developing future programmes of action in partnership with IPEC and ACTRAV; and
  • introduction to Participatory Labour Law Reform in regards to C138 and C182.


The training course will be highly participatory including lectures with general discussion, group work, and role play.

Participants’ profile

Representatives of national workers’ organizations directly involved in child labour activities and mandated by their organizations to engage in this work in the future. Representatives of trade unions from Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.