Source of labour force statistics of persons with disabilities

Data on labour force status of persons with disabilities is regularly collected in increasing number of countries. Methodological information for 140 sources of these statistics in 118 countries was compiled in 2014 by the ILO Department of Statistics, in collaboration with the ILO Disability Inclusion and Equality Group of the ILO Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch. The description of the practices used by countries to compile their statistics on the labour force status of persons with disabilities were prepared on basis of responses to a questionnaire sent to ministries of labour and national statistical offices in selected countries in September 2014, as well by reviewing the material available on the national websites, national publications available at the ILO , and/or international repositories As part of the exercise, in addition to collecting methodological information about the sources of statistics on employment situation of people with disabilities, statistical tables and publications and tables were compiled as well. The methodological information collected may be used as a source of material for developing statistical guidelines on this topic. It may also serve as examples of practices for countries wanting to start their own data collection on labour force status of persons with disabilities. For summary and complete description of national methodologies, click here.
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