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International Chemical Control Toolkit


The International Chemical Control Toolkit outlines a scheme for protection against harmful and dangerous chemicals in the workplace. It is designed for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. The current pages are intended to assist you in following that scheme.

A procedure is described for finding relevant instructions (guidance sheets) for the safe handling of a substance under given conditions.

For some frequently used solvents a shortcut is provided via Common solvents, while pesticides users have access to a list of control sheets compiled under Pesticides.

Information on respiratory protection equipment (RPE) can be obtained under Respirators and other safety and environmental risks are dealt with in sections Safety issues and Environment, respectively.

A complete list of guidance sheets is available at Guidance sheets, and the complete toolkit may be seen at .

Last but not least, we should like to emphasize the draft nature of the current compilation. We count on your comments in making it more helpful to those who decide to use it. Thank you in advance.

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