Minimum service.  

(1) Where the parties so agree, strikes may be authorised in any workplace subject to the maintenance of a minimum service.

(2) Where the workplace is part of an essential service -

(a) the minimum service shall be such as to ensure that the life, health and personal safety of the population is adequately safeguarded;

(b) the parties shall seek to reach agreement on the number and kind of posts that need to be filled in the event of a strike and the persons who will be required to remain at work for this purpose;

(c) if the parties fail to reach agreement under (b), either party may apply to the Tribunal for a determination of the issue;

(d) the Minister may apply to the Tribunal for a determination that the minimum service agreed upon is not sufficient  to ensure the life, health or personal safety of the whole or part of the population and either to determine what minimum service is so required or to enjoin a strike.

[ILO draft provision for a Member]


Minimum services.   The essential services committee may ratify any collective agreement that provides for the maintenance of minimum services in a service designated as an essential service...

[South Africa, Labour Relations Act, 1995, Section 72 (amended by the Labour Relations Amendment Act, 2002)]