Publications by subject


  1. Statistical aspects of minimum wage determination

    01 June 1997

    Outlines the types and sources of statistical data which are likely to be required when setting and reviewing minimum wages in a country. The statistical requirements of wage setting may assist and guide other countries in developing their statistical systems for the same purpose.


  1. Quick guide on sources and uses of statistics on occupational safety and health

    29 October 2020

Child labour

  1. ILO labour force participation rates for 10-14 years old versus UNESCO school enrolment ratios

    01 June 2000

    The purpose of this article is to evaluate the ILO data in relation to the UNSECO data on school enrolment for 44 countries for the year 1990. An earlier evaluation based on Child Labour Surveys in 6 countries (Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Turkey) showed suprisingly that except for one country (Philippines) the ILO labour force participation rates for the age group 10-14 years tended to be higher than the corresponding rates obtained from specialised national child labour surveys.


  1. Coding occupation and industry in a population census

    01 June 2001

    This working paper covers issues which must be addressed when questions related to ‘occupation’ and ‘industry’ are to be included in a population census.

  2. Economic characteristics in a population census

    01 June 2001

    The objective of this Working Paper is to discuss in detail what questions to ask on each of the nine economic topics included in the revised UN Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses.

  3. Constructing a map of the world of work: How to develop the structure and contents of a national standard classification of occupations

    01 July 1995

    This Working Paper presents practical guidelines for those who want to develop a National Standard Classification of Occupations (NSCO) with definitions and descriptions of the component groups.

  4. What kind of work do you do? Data collection and processing strategies when measuring "occupation" for statistical surveys and administrative records

    01 February 1995

    This Working Paper presents practical guidelines for those who want to register the characteristic (variable) "occupation" in a statistical survey or on administrative records.

  5. Status in Employment: a world survey of practices and problems

    01 January 2000

  6. Mapping the world of work: An international review of the work with occupational classifications and dictionaries

    01 January 1998

    This paper presents an overview of the work undertaken to develop, use and maintain national occupational classifications and dictionaries and the role of and corresponding work with the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-88) and its regional variants.


  1. ILO dissemination of international labour statistics on Internet

    01 January 2000

Employment and unemployment

  1. Statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities: A Compendium of national methodologies

    01 November 2003

    This Compendium describes the methodologies currently in use in 95 countries to compile statistics on employment status in conjunction with disability.

  2. Evolution of the economically active population from 1950 to 1995 and forecasts for the year 2010

    01 November 1996

    Estimates and projections, by sex and age group, of the economically active population, 1950-2010. Individual projections are presented for all countries and/or territories of the world which in 1990 had attained or exceeded the threshold of 200,000 inhabitants.

  3. Recommendations of the Joint ILO/Czech Statistical Office Meeting on the statistical treatment of persons on extended types of leave in respect to the international definitions of employment and unemployment (Prague, 15-17 November 1995)

    01 December 1996

  4. Improving Labour Statistics in Ukraine Through the Integration of Employment and Unemployment Data From Different Sources

    01 October 2001

    This paper attempts to compare and reconcile employment and unemployment data collected from different sources in Ukraine. Also, an alternative procedure to balancing is proposed – integration of data from different sources.

  5. Simplified measurement of underemployment: Results of a labour force sample survey in Namibia

    01 June 1994

  6. Measuring employment and unemployment through labour force surveys in transition countries: Methodology and data

    01 October 1997

    This article contains methodological descriptions as well as employment and unemployment data collected through Labour Force Surveys in fourteen transition countries.

  7. Measurement of employment, unemployment and underemployment – Current international standards and issues in their application

    30 March 2007

  8. International definitions and prospects of Underemployment Statistics

    01 November 1999

Estimates and indicators

  1. ILO-Comparable annual employment and unemployment estimates

    01 October 2004

  2. Estimation of world and regional unemployment

    01 October 1999

    The purpose of the present paper is to describe a possible approach for obtaining world and regional estimates of these indicators. The methodology is applied here on a trial basis for obtaining 1995 unemployment estimates with distinction by sex and broad age group (youth and adult). The data should be considered as preliminary and subject to revision.