Youth employment in times of COVID

A global review of COVID-19 policy responses to tackle (un)employment and disadvantage among young people.

The report provides a snapshot account of the types of government response to the social and economic impacts of the pandemic, policy and evidence gaps, and future challenges. Key gaps in the response have also been detailed, such as a limited policy focus on gendered dimensions of the pandemic impact. The specific challenges facing young people have also often been overlooked in the general social and economic response policies.

In framing emergency policies, the specific needs of particular groups, such as young people or sub-groups of young people, have at times “fallen through the cracks”. In addition, given the ongoing and dynamic nature of the crisis, many response policies are yet to fully embed themselves or be evaluated. It is therefore difficult to accurately assess their impact and effectiveness, or determine what has and has not worked. However, what is clear is that without these policies and government intervention the situation of young people would have been far worse in terms of the social and economic impacts.