Zambia: Decent work for disabled youth through skills development

ILO-Irish Aid Partnership Programme on Disability

The ILO-Irish Aid Partnership Programme funds projects that focus on the specific needs of people with disabilities. A current technical cooperation project "Promoting Rights and Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Employment through Legislation" (PROPEL), 2012-2015, works to facilitate access to mainstream skills development programmes and other relevant training, and to promote respect for the rights of persons with disabilities and an enabling legal and policy environment through acceptance of disability as a prohibited ground of discrimination.

During 2012-13, in Zambia the ILO-Irish Aid PROPEL project supported five technical vocational education and training colleges in fostering learning environments that enabled the enrolment and training of women and men with disabilities. This case story illustrates the change the Partnership has made in facilitating access to young disabled persons to mainstream vocational training open to the general population.