Vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons : general survey on the reports on the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention (No. 159) and Recommendation (No. 168), 1983

International Labour Conference (86th : 1998 : Geneva, Switzerland) ILC Report III (Part 1B)

Presents a general survey on the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention, 1983 (No. 159) and Recommendation No. 168. Defines key terms and expressions of the instruments, and describes the provisions within the standards and the relevant national legislation in the countries that have ratified this Convention. Considers vocational rehabilitation from the stand point of social security schemes. Discusses member States’ obligations to implement national policy on vocational rehabilitation, the means by which national policy can be developed and difficulties encountered by member States in the application of the instruments.