What role do apprenticeships play in the future of work?

Part of the video series entitled “Voices on apprenticeships: A skilled workforce for the future”.

Date issued: 28 November 2018 |
Apprenticeships are probably the oldest public-private partnership in history – they have been around for a matter of centuries. They form part of the solution to help get young people into the labour market by equipping them with technical and core skills needed to take on new jobs, both today and in the future. Yet, against the backdrop of transformational changes buffeting today’s world of work – technological innovations, shifts in demographics, climate change , among others – the questions are: How will this impact the skills demanded of the future? How do we anticipate those skills? And, what types of innovations will be needed for apprenticeship schemes to remain flexible in the face of changing skills demands? These were among the many issues discussed during the International Conference on Innovations in Apprenticeships: A skilled workforce for the future, held at the ILO/Geneva on 4-5 July, 2018.

In this video series entitled “Voices on apprenticeships: A skilled workforce for the future”, conference participants share their views on: the role of apprenticeships in the future of work; the types of innovations that will be needed; the role of apprenticeships in promoting skills and employability of young people; and, the challenges facing apprenticeship systems.

The International Conference was co-organized in collaboration with the OECD and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), with vital support from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.