STED in Egypt

Selected sectors: Foodprocessing and Furniture sectors

The application of STED in Egypt in food processing and furniture sectors has been implemented within the framework of the Aid for Trade Initiative for the Arab States (AfTIAS) project, financed by a consortium of donors led by the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation and including SIDA and the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt.

STED Analytic Phase

In Egypt, the STED Analytic phase was carried out in two target export sectors, namely the wood and furniture sector and the food processing industry. In both sectors, concrete interventions have been identified to overcome skills gaps and strengthen export capabilities. For more details here

STED Implementation Phase

The immediate objective of the project in this phase is to implement priority actions to narrow identified skills gaps in the food processing and furniture sectors. Those actions were prioritized by stakeholders at the validation workshop in December 2014. For more details here.