STED Analytic Phase in Malawi

Web page | 13 June 2017
Sector Selection Workshop
The STED Analytic Phase first focused on identifying sectors where STED can have the most positive impact. The sector selection process started with development of a Sector selection note in which the project shortlisted potential sectors based on the preliminary analysis of the sectors prioritized in the National Export Strategy (NES). The sector selection note was then shared with key stakeholders for comments and a sector selection consultative workshop was organized on 1st of April 2015 at which stakeholders selected the Oilseeds and Horticulture sectors for the Project. Constituting Research Team
The project guided the MoLYMD to constitute a multi-disciplinary reseach team of experts to undertake the STED analytic work. The research team comprising four consultants paired with four counterparts from the MoLYMD and supported by two statisticians from the National Statistic Office. A STED orientation and research kick-off meeting was conducted for the whole research team on 8 May 2015.  

Project Steering Committee (PSC)
A Project Steering Committee has been put in a place in consultation with the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development (MoLYMD) and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoIT). The committee has 17 members, includes private sector and representatives from Skills, Manufacturers and oilseeds Technical working groups, Agriculture University, ECAM and MCTU. The preliminary research findings were presented to the 2nd Project Steering Committee on 26 July 2015. Stakeholder Validation Workshop
A STED stakeholder validation workshop was held on 17 February 2016. About 60 participants from various government agencies, workers and employers organisations, NGO’s, International Organisations participated in the workshop. The workshop provided an opportunity for the stakeholders to discuss the main findings of the STED analytical research.