Semi-finalist of the 1st ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call

Virtual Reality Skill Lab, Blink 42-21, North Macedonia

ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call: Virtual Reality Skill Lab is one of the semi-finalists of the 1st ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call. The solution, submitted by Blink 42-21 (North Macedonia), is a simulation and capacity building training programme for labour market integration.

Web page | 15 July 2020

In order to decrease the skill mismatch among the young people in North Macedonia, Blink 42-21 has introduced the concept of immersive learning. The Virtual reality lab provides simulation training program and capacity building for labour market integration. 

The Center for Social innovations of Blink 42-21 believes that innovation - the creation and adoption of new ideas - is the key to human progress, prosperity and happiness. Blink 42-21 is a platform that connects people who believe that social innovation can lead to economic, educational and social transformation and cultural challenges.
“The Virtual reality skill lab will use virtual and augmented reality technologies for skill development for specific work processes needed in the industry and not sufficiently covered through formal education and other forms of training.”
Milan Tenceski, Executive director, Blink 42-21