Skills Innovation Labs

Skills Innovation Labs are six-month programmes through which the winning proposal(s) from the Challenge Calls receive(s) technical support and guidance from ILO Skills Specialists and partner innovation experts to develop their ideas into prototypes ready for implementation.

The Skills Innovation Labs aim to:
  • Identify, nurture and scale solutions to address specific skills challenges;
  • Provide support to constituents and partners to develop and learn innovation skills; and
  • Develop a network of innovators, partners and sponsors interested in promoting new solutions to pressing skills challenges.
The Skills Innovation Labs are tailored to the individual needs of the winner(s) of Skills Innovation Challenge Calls. Typically, they involve activities on prototyping and piloting, through a series of virtual bootcamps.

Who can participate?

Winner(s) of the Skills Innovation Challenge Calls are invited to participate in Skills Innovation Labs.

What can participants expect?

  • Coaching and mentorship: participants will receive technical support from ILO Skills Specialists and partner innovation experts in all phases of the Skills Innovation Labs.
  • Dedicated resources: knowledge resources will be made available to participants for the duration of the Skills Innovation Labs.
  • Connections and visibility: innovators will be invited to join the Skills Innovation Network, where they will exchange with other innovators and have the opportunity to meet key stakeholders with the ambition to pilot the innovative solutions and accelerate implementation.