3rd ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call: FAQs

1. What is the Skills Challenge Innovation Call about?

The ILO is looking for innovative, relevant, feasible, and impactful ideas that can contribute to the prevention of forced labour in Africa through skills and lifelong learning.

2. Who can apply?

Applicants include entities or legally recognized non-profit organizations with contractual capacity and duly incorporated that have been in existence for at least two calendar years prior to the closing date of the call. Proposals may be submitted individually or jointly by several organizations. 

By entity or non-profit organization, we mean government agencies, employers' and workers' organizations, cooperatives, education and training institutions (including schools, public and private training providers, and universities), NGOs and civil society organizations, universities and other research and educational institutions.

3. What are we looking for?

One or more ideas and solutions that contribute to the prevention of forced labour in Africa through skills and lifelong learning. We welcome all types of innovations, i.e. innovative approaches, projects, tools, technologies, and partnerships that offer solutions that, through the use of new technologies, support labour formalization and skills development.

We are open to all ideas and solutions at any stage of development. They can be in their initial phase or at a more advanced stage.

4. Is it possible to submit multiple ideas?

Yes, as long as the idea is innovative and relevant to the challenge.

5. In what languages can the solutions be submitted in?

In English and French.

6. How can I submit my idea?

To apply to the call for proposals, you must log in to the ILO Innovation Platform: http://bit.ly/3a9kxwX

7. Can I submit my idea by mail or email?

No. The only way to submit a proposal is through the ILO Innovation Platform.

8. How many proposals will be selected?

One winning proposal.

9. Who will select the winning proposal?

An independent Selection Committee, composed of ILO specialists in the areas of skills and employability and of fundamental principles and rights at work, external innovation experts and other external members.

10. When is the deadline to apply?

The call will close on 15 August 2021 (midnight Geneva time).

11. When will the winning ideas be announced?

The winning ideas will be announced on 15 October 2021 through a press release on the ILO website and social media.

12. What will the selected ideas receive?

The winning entry will receive a grant of USD 30,000 to implement the proposed solution. In addition, the winner will have access to an Innovation Lab to develop the solution into ready-to-implement prototypes, as well as an invitation to join the ILO Skills Innovation Network.