Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Viet Nam (Phase 2)

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has begun the implementation of the second phase of the "Applying the G20 Training strategy: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation" project, which aims to strengthen national skills development systems, policies and strategies in order to improve employability of both women and men, promote equal access to employment opportunities as well as equal treatment including increased incomes, for inclusive and sustainable growth. Among other aspects, the second phase of the Project will focus its efforts on the Agriculture and Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

What's new

  1. 1st NPSC meeting of the “Applying the G20 Training Strategy: A Partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation” (Phase 2) project in Viet Nam

    Viet Nam´s Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) Directorate of Vocational and Educational Training to boost collaboration with the ILO, under the Russian Federation -funded project “Applying the G20 Training Strategy: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation“ (Phase 2 ).


  1. Training workshop on 'Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification' methodology

    The overall objective of the workshop has been to enhance the capacity of national and sectoral practitioners, social partners, policy institutions, training providers and academic institutions to:

    • Analyse and anticipate skill needs in export-oriented sectors that have growth potential; and
    • Design effective skills response strategies that contribute to higher and more diversified exports with more  and better job creation.