Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Kyrgyzstan (Phase 2)

Results of piloting the Methodology for analysis of demand for the skilled labour force discussed in Bishkek

Article | Bishkek | 29 October 2019
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 29 October 2019 - Bishkek hosted the Sub-regional Pilot completion workshop titled: "Analysis of the demand for the skilled labour force and demand-driven TVET enrolment planning (on the example of Chuy region)". The Pilot initiative was implemented within the framework of the Applying the G20 Training strategy project: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation" (Phase 2).

In her opening speech the Deputy Minister of labour and social development of the Kyrgyz Republic- Mrs. Alybaeva J.I. highlighted the importance of the pilot initiative, namely: "for introduction of modern labour market needs’ monitoring mechanisms and of a proper planning strategy, the Ministry of labour and social development of the KR with technical support of the ILO project piloted new methodology for the analysis of demand for skilled labour force, the results of which are shared today to a wider public. This area is very relevant for the country, and therefore as a next stage we plan to get the Methodology approved by Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic".

The results of the survey of enterprises and organizations of Chuy oblast conducted in 2019 were presented at the workshop. The survey covered more than 770 legal entities and 560 individual entrepreneurs set up by the self-employed engaged in 28 types and sub-types of activity. Based on collected data, calculations of current and anticipated demand for the skilled labour force in the Chuy region for 2020-2022 by occupations and qualifications were made. In addition to this, data on the supply of the skilled labour force, information about job seekers and TVET graduates collected and applied for the analysis, recommendations for the preparation of labour force aimed at lyceums, colleges and higher education institutions of the regions developed. Analysis and calculations were made taking into consideration the methodological approaches developed by the Project, countingwith the active involvement of specialists from the National statistics committee and the Ministry of labour and social development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Deputy Minister of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic - Mr. N.K. Omurov expressed that "Considering the rapidly changing labour market, it is very important to clearly understand and know what qualifications are in demand. This is linked to the fact that a considerable budget is allocated for the VET system of the Kyrgyz Republic. It is very important to note that such an analysis was carried out in the Kyrgyz Republic for the first time with impressive results, for instance, as per the analysis there is a range of occupations identified for which no training courses are rendered in the VET schools of the country".

The workshop was attended by heads and technical specialists from Ministries and agencies, directors and teachers of VET schools, local government officials, representatives from state authorities, employers' and workers' organizations of other project beneficiary countries Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation.