Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Kyrgyzstan (Phase 2)

Statistical analysis of skills demand and supply kicks off in the Kyrgyz Republic

Article | Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic | 09 July 2019
Experts from Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation participated in the event. 
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic _ On 11-12 June 2019, Bishkek hosted a technical training workshop on "Statistical analysis of the demand for the skilled labour force and supply of TVET graduates in the Kyrgyz Republic", which was organized and technically supported by the Russian Federation funded Project "Applying the G20 Training strategy project: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation" (Phase 2).

The National Training Workshop aimed to share the fundamentals of knowledge and techniques for collecting and processing statistical data on TVET. The issue addressed is expected to benefit the country on the elaboration of a detailed analysis of demand and supply for skilled TVET graduates. The analysis is being piloted in the Kyrgyz Republic and the knowledge gained through the process is constantly shared with other Project countries-beneficiaries: Armenia, Tajikistan and Russian Federation.  The National Training Workshop was attended by representatives from Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the Agency for Primary Vocational Education, the National Statistics Committee, the district state statistics units, employment services in Chuy oblast, Employers' and Workers' Organizations, TVET institutions, experts and resource people from Armenia, Tajikistan and Russian Federation.

Participants developed, through practical teamwork sessions, 10 recommendations for the improvement of labour market information in Kyrgyzstan.
During the workshop, participants were provided with technical information on how to collect and interpret statistical data. They also examined the content of the Stock-taking report on analysis of market demand, which was developed based on international experience, and attained knowledge to review, collect and analyse data related to demand and supply of skills in the labour force, as well as its relation to job seekers and vacancies registered in the countries’ respective systems.

Moreover, participants developed, through practical teamwork sessions, 10 recommendations for the improvement of labour market information in Kyrgyzstan, in order to support the country's efforts to improve TVET planning.

As part of this pilot, the Kyrgyz Republic presented interim pilot implementation results on analysis of demand for skilled workers, the demand for 2019 and forecasts for 2022 by occupations and qualifications. For the purpose of demand calculation approximately 700 legal entities in Chuy oblast and 600 individual enterprises were surveyed.