Technical Consultation on ‘Fundamentals of the G20 project and on guidance of the international HRD policy instruments for skills development’

The 'Applying the G20 Training Strategy' project aims to strengthen regional and global knowledge-sharing on designing and implementing Skills Development policies and strategies enabling to ensure the enhancement of human capital development, growth of productivity and competitiveness through greater participation in and more equal access to skills training, employment, decent work and the improvement of livelihoods.

This consultation aims to:
  • To present the Project to the ILO constituents and other key Project stakeholders
  • To discuss the national priorities in comparison with the Project’s planned outcomes
  • To provide an overview of the international HRD policy requirements to skills development systems, of proposed strategic policy objectives and related performance indicators arising from the policy requirements and those developed by the OECD, WB, ILO, UNESCO and the ETF, and some lessons learned from the international experience of selected G20 countries
  • To compare the proposed areas of strategic planning in advanced economies with that applied in countries-beneficiaries of the G20 Project.
  • To discuss applicability of the advanced strategic planning objectives and related performance indicators in conditions of low-income CIS countries with their vast migration flows, considerable informal economies, low formal certification levels and lack of enterprise and labour market data
  • To inform about the forthcoming regional Technical Training Workshop ‘Requirements of international HRD policy instruments for strategic planning and progress performance monitoring of Skills Development systems’ in which will participate policy-makers and senior technical professionals involved in drafting the Skills Development Strategy or equivalent related documents in the CIS countries covered by the Project (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russian Federation). The regional Technical Training Workshop is planned to be conducted before mid-February 2018 in one of the CIS Project Countries.
Agenda of the technical consultation
TimeChair: Representative of the Ministry of Education and Science / Ministry of Labour and Social Development / State Agency for TVET of the host country (or the ILO National Coordinator)
Registration of participants, personal introduction, sharing materials
(Welcome Tea/Coffee)
14:20-14:25Introductory opening by the Chair
Introductory statement by the CTA of the Project (on the signed Project Document, its major expected outcomes and the working processes, expectations of the soonest formation of the Project Steering Committee, and involvement of relevant agencies and organizations in the knowledge sharing, training and piloting of innovations in the areas to be implemented by the G20Project)
Discussion on the national priorities in comparison with the Project’s planned outcomes (by CTA); identification of national interests in conducting pilots
A presentation by the international consultant on international HRD policy requirements and advanced experience of strategic planning and performance monitoring of skills development
Discussion on challenges of implementation of international HRD policies and on updating national strategic planning and monitoring systems in skills development in conditions of low income CIS countries
Conclusions by the Chair on the applicability of the proposed innovations / Information by the ILO team on forthcoming technical regional training workshop in this subject area