Professional standards and qualifications in the field of gas industry, dairy production, hotel and tourism services (Kyrgyzstan) - in Russian only -

The purpose of this pilot project was to develop the practical abilities of experts, competent organizations and social partners in the development of professional standards, qualifications and requirements for assessing the competence of workers and technicians. The experts were trained in the concepts and methods of developing professional standards and approaches to their packaging in qualifications. The main document that was used during the training was an international review report prepared by the G20 Project, which describes the practice of developed countries in this area. Concepts for the development of professional standards and qualifications were discussed at an international methodological seminar. The principles of national qualification systems and the differences between qualifications of different levels, such as a Work Certificate and a Technical Diploma, were explained. For pilot experts, additional training was given to practical methods of functional analysis of work processes, the principles of structuring units of standards and their elements were explained, mandatory types of competencies and their application were indicated, methods for formulating criteria for competent work and requirements for relevant knowledge and skills were studied.

Project documentation | 29 January 2018