South-South and Triangular Skills Forum: Partnerships for Knowledge, Skills and Technology Transfer – A webinar series

Part of the Virtual Skills Fair

Article | On-line | 01 March 2021
The South-South & Triangular Skills Forum aims to promote and strengthen the exchange of experiences; encourage the pooling, sharing and use of technical and other resources; and to support the development of capacity for partnership negotiation of participant countries and institutions.

To keep the SSTC momentum, the ITC-ILO in close cooperation with the SKILLS Branch and the ILO Regional Office for Africa are organizing a dialogue around:
  • Quality Apprenticeship,
  • Skills anticipation and
  • Digital skills
This is organized as a series of short webinars aiming at:
  • identifying and discussing existing good practices; and
  • seeking expert inputs regarding potential partnerships.
The webinars will be followed by the first of its kind Virtual Skills Fair, which will be hosted using augmented reality (AR) technology -Wondering how will this look like? check it out here:


SSTC on Quality Apprenticeships - 02 March, 2021 --->> CLICK HERE to join us!

SSTC on Skills Anticipation - 03 March, 2021 ---> CLICK HERE to join us!

SSTC on Digital Skills - 04 March, 2021 --->> CLICK HERE to join us!




0900 – 0905h
Welcome and introduction of the Webinar’s objectives
0905 – 0915h
Recap of the gaps and solutions identified in the 03 Dec webinar leading upto the 5 questions
0915 – 0925h
Presentation of an example of a good practice
0925 – 0945h
Participants write down examples of 1 or more good practices they are aware of in light of 5 questions on a collaborative white board (time includes instructions to be provided to participants by ITCILO)
0945 – 1015h
Facilitated discussion by inviting participants to point out good practices that they are interested in / find interesting
1015-1030h (15 min) Towards SSTC partnerships
1030 – 1100h
Summary and description of next steps including a demonstration of the virtual booths to be set up by ITCILO

French – English interpretation provided