Implementing the right of people with disabilities to vocational training

The Action-Research seminar was co-organized by the ILO Skills and Employability Department in collaboration with the CTNERHI (Centre technique national d'études et de recherches sur les handicaps et les inadaptations), Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network on Employment and Training (GLADNET) and the Rehabilitation International Work and Employment Commission, with funding support by the Government of Ireland and Rehabilitation International (RI).

A follow-up to the Tripartite European Regional Meeting, "The Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Vocational Training and Employment", held in Geneva, March 2007, and to an Expert Group Meeting on the same topic, held in Bangkok, February 2006, the seminar had three main objectives:

1. to identify elements of good practice in skills development for people with disabilities in countries around the world;

2. to highlight areas in which more progress is needed and examine attempts to address these challenges;

3. to formulate an agenda for action and research.

The seminar took place in the form of four optional sessions during the Rehabilitation International World Congress, "Disability Rights and Social Participation: Ensuring a Society for All". Participants included skills development practitioners, government officials including policy-makers and administrators; disability advocates and researchers.