Lifelong learning and skills development: Interview with Sir Alan Tuckett, OBE (short version)

In this interview, Sir Alan Tuckett, adult education specialist and campaigner, explains what is meant by lifelong learning, and the role the ILO and its partners play in managing lifelong learning systems. Part of the video interviews recorded during the ILO's SKILLS Branch Workshop on Lifelong Learning held on 30 January, 2019.

Date issued: 20 February 2019 |

A landmark report issued by the Global Commission on the Future of Work recommends, among others, a universal entitlement to lifelong learning that enables people to skill, reskill and upskill. But, what exactly do we mean by lifelong learning? And, what role does the ILO and its partners play in managing a universal entitlement to lifelong learning? These are among the questions raised in this interview with Sir Alan Tuckett, OBE, Professor of Education at the University of Wolverhampton, Honorary Fellow of UNESCO’s Institute of Lifelong Learning, and Past President of the International Council for Adult Education.