Ghana, Nigeria and Togo: Towards mutual recognition of skills in the agriculture and construction sectors

In West Africa, the lack of pathways between skills systems, the weakness of recognition of prior learning systems, and the lack of relevant upskilling opportunities remains a major barrier to social inclusion and access to decent work for migrant workers. This is particularly the case for low- and medium-skilled workers, who constitute the majority of labour migrants in the sub-region

This report highlights the work that the ILO has done to respond to promote mutual skills recognition and strengthen skills partnerships between Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo. It describes processes and lessons learned, and discusses challenges and opportunities with the perspective of moving forward towards mutual recognition of prior learning, skills and qualifications. The process presented in this report is still ongoing at the time of publication. As such, the authors of this report aimed to provide an accurate account of the efforts and steps that have been taken, which may inspire and innovate the skills partnership process