This event is part of the SSTC Global Virtual Skills Fair

SKILLS Tech-fair

An opportunity to exchange knowledge, innovate and cooperate for Skills Development.

The technology fair will allow the ILO Global Skills Team to bring together multiple solution providers with a view to:
  • present innovative solutions to all members of the ILO Constituents, the ILO global Skills Team and other stakeholders;
  • generate networks between solution providers and the virtual fair participants;
  • foster collaboration and the selection of concrete areas for the implementation of these solutions.

The Tech-fair will be held using the services of . Selected companies will be provided with a personalized virtual stand to present their solutions (products and/or services) related to:
  • digital solutions for skills development
  • solutions for the development of digital skills

During the event innovative solutions’ providers will be:
  • Expected to prepare a small presentation (ppt) and/or other promotional materials including high quality logos to build their virtual stand,
  • Invited to dedicate 1-day for presentations, chat responses, and interaction with participants,
  • Given the opportunity to network with other companies and organizations working in similar thematic areas.