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Global Socio-Economic Security Database

Site SecSoc: Areas of work
The former programme on socio-economic security developed a global network - VoiceNet - to generate, collect and analyse information on socio-economic security. Information is compiled in the Global Socio-Economique Security database.

The objective of this database was to develop standard measures of socio- economic security performance, through a complementary set of indexes related to basic security.
This dataset is divided into three databases as regard to the nature and the type of sources of information. At present, the social security database is the only one that is accessible, without any password. A limited access is possible for the other sub-databases.
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Social Security Database: Selection Module
The Social Security Database
The Social Security Database, based on the ILO Cost of Social Security and the International Social Security Association database, offers statistical usable information on social security programmes on the eight classical branches of social security and on the social security expenditure.
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What Gives a picture of social security systems worldwide
How Converts textual data to statistically usable information
Where 124 countries
When 1989, 1999 and 2003
Sources (i) ISSA’s "Social Security Programs Throughout the World”; (ii) ILO website on the cost of social security and other international sources on social security expenditure
  Other projects  
  Projects [data collection] in which the programme was involved
The conditions of socio-economic integration of young Mozambicans in an urban environment: the case of Maputo
Information and draft report from the study, at present, available in French and Portuguese.
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SES Primary Database: Login - Password Required
Socio-economic security "Primary" database
The Primary Database results from a specially designed questionnaire on the seven forms of socio-economic security, regrouping over 700 textual and quantitative variables disaggregated by sex and sector when appropriate. The data refers to the years 1990, 1999, 2002 and 2004
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  Enquetes PSS: Login PSS Surveys: Micro | individual level
People Security Surveys examine both objective and subjective elements of people's security. 18 countries have been covered from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and CIS, Latin America.
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Economic Security Indexes: Login - Password Required
Economic Security Indexes Database
Indexes on the seven forms of Economic Security, scores. ranking and clusters
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Enquetes ELFS: Login ELFS Surveys: Meso | Enterprise level
Enterprise Labour Flexibility Surveys cover 11 countries from Africa, Asia, the Eastern European countries and the CIS and from Latin America
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    To access to the primary database, the Economic Security Indexes or the ELFS or PSS surveys datafiles and questionnaires, please ask for a user name and password.