Workshop on the Code of Practice on Occupational Safety and Health in Agriculture

The National Workshop on the Code of Practice on Occupational Safety and Health was convened at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre, Zimbabwe, from 11-13 July 2011.

The following were the objectives which the workshop sought to achieve:-
1. Familiarize participants with the ILO code of practice on Safety and Health in Agriculture
and International Labour Standards relevant to the subject matter;
2. Develop the foundation for the formulation of a national framework for OSH in Agriculture, including the development of national programmes and policy for OSH in Agriculture;
3. Educate participants about the basics facets of OSH in Agriculture;
4. Afford key players in the sector an opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices and information with a view to harmonizing practices of enforcing OSH Instruments;
5. Develop mechanisms aimed at improving coordination by key stakeholders with a view to strengthening OSH service delivery in Agriculture;
6. Update the participants on current and emerging issues relating to OSH in Agriculture.

After discussing and highlighting the challenges encountered in the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, followed by a suggestion of proposed solutions, as a way forward, the participants adopted a plan of action and recommended it to the tripartite Zimbabwe Occupational Health and Safety Council (ZOHSC) for consideration and subsequent implementation (see annexure 1, plan of action).

The workshop was well-received by the participants who were eager to equip themselves with the skills that emerged from the presentations. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to share best practices, and in their final evaluation, they underlined that the workshop achieved its objectives and met their expectations.