Sectoral standards

The ILO has adopted sector-specific international Conventions and Recommendations in agriculture, commerce, construction, fishing, health services, hotels and restaurants, mining, shipping, public service, and road transport. The ILO has also worked with other international organizations to develop and assist to implement, standards that rely on the principles and concepts of international labour standards, in sectors such as culture and education.

Transport (including civil aviation; railways; road transport)

  1. Guidelines on the promotion of decent work and road safety in the transport sector

    24 April 2020

    Guidelines adopted by a Meeting of Experts held in Geneva from 23 to 27 September 2019.

Forestry; wood; pulp and paper

  1. Guidelines for labour inspection in forestry

    28 January 2005

    The guidelines address some of the main issues and general principles of labour standards and their inspection in the forestry sector (from planting to logging). The guidelines are aimed at three main users: labour inspectors/certifiers, forest managers, and training and educational organizations.