The Sectoral Activities Department is the ILO’s repository of knowledge on sector-specific labour and social issues. Research and studies conducted, in line with the ILO’s research policies, deal with emerging and priority issues of strong interest for ILO’s sectoral constituents.

Working Papers, vehicles for disseminating information on a range of topics related to the world of work and the evolution of social and labour policies and practices for a given sector, are regularly published and widely disseminated. Background reports and issues papers, which provide more in-depth analysis on specific issues, are also published for discussion at international tripartite meetings and global dialogue fora.


  1. Extending Social Security to Construction Workers

    01 April 2020

  2. Women and aviation: Quality jobs, attraction and retention

    31 March 2020

    The paper includes information on some of the current issues faced by women in civil aviation.

  3. E-waste and employment in Argentina - Executive Summary (abstract)

    11 March 2020

    Abstract on the analysis on the e-waste value chain and its labour conditions in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Tierra del Fuego. (Full text in Spanish only)


  1. The scope of essential services: Laws, Regulations and Practices

    23 December 2019

  2. Sectoral Policies Department - Highlights 2018-19

    23 December 2019

    The Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR) is responsible for providing support to ILO constituents in addressing employment and labour issues in specific economic and social sectors at the global, regional and national levels.

  3. From Waste to Jobs: Decent work challenges and opportunities in the management of e-waste in India

    16 December 2019

  4. The electronics industry in Indonesia and its integration into global supply chains

    10 December 2019

  5. Sexual harassment at work: Insights from the global garment industry

    10 December 2019

  6. The future of work in the rural economy: More decent work to revitalize rural economies

    06 December 2019

  7. From Waste to Jobs: Decent work challenges and opportunities in the management of e-waste in Nigeria

    27 November 2019