The electronics industry in Indonesia and its integration into global supply chains

Fuelled by outsourcing and offshoring, the electronics industry has become one of the most globally fragmented production systems, with extensive and complex global supply chains. Production of electronics in Indonesia began in the 1980s, when large brands and multinational enterprises established operations in the country. This report describes the history of the electronics industry in Indonesia, its structure, and its integration into global supply chains. Relevant public governance and private compliance initiatives that key stakeholders are pursuing to advance decent work are discussed. The report also identifies challenges and opportunities for the development of Indonesia’s electronics industry while ensuring decent work.

This research report is the outcome of the second component of an ILO development cooperation project entitled “The Future of Work in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. It further contributes to the implementation of the ILO programme of action on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains established in 2017.