Decent work for migrant fishers

Report for discussion at the Tripartite Meeting on Issues Relating to Migrant Fishers (Geneva, 18–22 September 2017)

This report provides a basis for the discussion of the issues faced by migrant fishers and how to address those issues, with particular focus on fishers working on foreign vessels. Chapter 1 briefly reviews working and living conditions in the fishing sector in order to place the work of migrant fishers in context. Chapter 2 focuses on the particular issues faced by migrant fishers, from opportunities and challenges to unacceptable conditions of work and severe abuse. Chapter 3 describes the international labour standards of the ILO that are, or may be, relevant to improving conditions of migrant fishers. Chapter 4 highlights work outside the ILO that is relevant to the protection of migrant fishers. In keeping with the practice of ILO sectoral meetings, proposed points for discussion will be drafted in consultation with the Organization’s tripartite constituents and made available prior to the Meeting in September 2017.