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December 2014

  1. Seoul Declaration bolsters commitment to expanding social protection and social dialogue

    12 December 2014

    Key actors from around the globe pledge to promote social protection floors through social dialogue.

  2. © Eric Miller/ World Bank 2022

    Global health protection crisis leaves almost 40% of the world’s population without any coverage

    12 December 2014

    New ILO study reveals large health coverage gaps, including in West African countries, where 80 per cent have no coverage.

November 2014

  1. High-level Seoul meeting discusses promotion of social protection floors through social dialogue

    20 November 2014

    Prime Minister Jung Hong-won addresses conference on the role of economic and social councils in supporting social protection

  2. Workplace injury insurance must be part of the Rana Plaza legacy

    14 November 2014

    By Gilbert Houngbo, ILO Deputy Director-General for Field Operations and Partnerships

September 2014

  1. © P. Virot / ILO 2022

    Almost half the world’s older persons lack pensions

    30 September 2014

    ILO report says 52 per cent of older persons receive a pension, but levels are inadequate and the trend has been worsened by fiscal consolidation.

June 2014

  1. © Johan Ordonez / AFP 2022

    ILO: Social protection helps people living with HIV keep their jobs

    27 June 2014

    New ILO study shows that social protection plays a key role in helping people living with HIV to keep their jobs and follow treatment.

  2. © Dilek Mermer / Anadolu Agency 2022

    More than 70 per cent of the world population lacks proper social protection

    03 June 2014

    A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) presents the latest social security trends and finds that most people are without adequate social protection at a time when it is most needed.

May 2014

  1. © Ernesto Benavides / AFP 2022

    Rights to social protection: domestic workers are no exception

    06 May 2014

    A communications campaign to enrol more domestic workers in Paraguay with social security is showing the first signs of success.

March 2014

  1. Gender inequalities persist as deadline for MDGs draws near

    19 March 2014

    The situation for many women and girls has only worsened as a result of the crisis. Can social protection measures offer a way out?

  2. © Manuel Cohen 2022

    Why the European Social Model is still relevant

    19 March 2014

    "In some countries, key elements of the ESM have been radically transformed, and sometimes dismantled, even though they clearly were not the cause of the crisis or the budgetary deficits," says ILO Senior labour economist Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead.

  3. © Alberto Coutinho/GovBa 2022

    Leaving no one behind: the role of social protection

    17 March 2014

    The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals has now recognized focus areas to guide the upcoming agenda. What role can social protection floors play in realizing the priorities identified?

  4. © Munir Uz Zaman / AFP 2022

    ILO Deputy Director-General on first Rana Plaza payments: "Good news for the NWB workers affected and we must also focus on all the victims"

    17 March 2014

December 2013

  1. Helping migrant workers to secure social security rights

    19 December 2013

    At least 25 per cent of workers in Moldova will work abroad at some point in their career. However, few of them know that in many cases they are entitled to receive social security benefits from their destination countries once they go back home. An ILO campaign is aiming to change that perception.

August 2013

  1. National workshop: “Social Security Laws: Standards, Policy and Legislation”, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, from 27 to 29 August 2013

    06 August 2013

    The ILO DWT for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific will organize a series of technical training workshops on areas related to social security, including minimum standards and legislation, financing of schemes, social health insurance, unemployment insurance, and harmonization of schemes.

  2. The ILO, the European Union and the Honduran Ministry of Labour and Social Security organized a training workshop for the social security institutions in Honduras

    06 August 2013

    The International Labour Organization (ILO), along with the European Union and the Honduran Ministry of Labour and Social Security held the seminar-workshop “Improving governance, financing and legal framework of social security schemes in Honduras” in Tegucigalpa, 3-5 July 2013.

June 2013

  1. © Monty Rakusen/Cultura Creative 2022

    Action needed to provide jobs and social protection for growing and ageing populations

    19 June 2013

    Governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations must take action to ensure decent job opportunities and social protection for growing and ageing populations, concludes the International Labour Conference Committee on Employment and Social Protection in the New Demographic Context.

  2. Mexico and the ILO sign cooperation agreement on social protection floors

    17 June 2013

    The agreement was signed by the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Mexico, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, during the International Labour Conference in Geneva.

May 2013

  1. Launch of the report "Social protection assessment based national dialogue: Towards a nationally defined social protection floor in Thailand"

    13 May 2013

    A report laying out a plan for expanding social protection in Thailand was launched in the presence of the Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, on Friday 10 May 2013.

April 2013

  1. ILO report shows why social protection is crucial to tackle child labour

    29 April 2013

    Measures such as cash transfers or health insurance programmes can sometimes determine whether a child spends the day studying and playing, or working and being deprived of a fair chance at a decent future.

  2. Report on Employment and social protection in the new demographic context

    09 April 2013

    Report IV submitted to the 102nd session of the International Labour Conference, 2013