Publication of an exploratory study on the extension of social security and corporate social responsibility

The Social Security Department of the International Labour Office and the French observatory on corporate social responsibility (ORSE) published the following exploratory study: "Extension de la sécurité sociale et responsabilité sociale des entreprises multinationales&rdquo (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR- and the extension of social security).

News | 04 February 2013
After a presentation of the conceptual framework of CSR potential contribution to the extension of social security and ILO findings on this issue, the study reports the results of a survey conducted with the ORSE on the practices of 15 French multinational companies in the field of social protection to all employees in all locations.

The launch of the publication, jointly organized by the ILO office in Paris and the ORSE, was held Wednesday February 6th 2013 in Paris, at the Ministerial Conference Centre.